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A little about the Girl Friday 

I am a California native, which makes it easy to go through life at 80mph. Relocating to the PNW in 2013 presented a speed bump to my normal way of life. I had no network, no idea where to go for my groceries (What is QFC?), what the DOL was (I was criticized for calling it the DMV) and my beloved hairstylist was now 1,300 miles away.


Normally, I had all the answers.  I knew where to go, the best new local restaurant, how to find a great deal and was the source of referrals for all of my friends. But, things are different here in Seattle.


It has taken some getting used to, but Washington has sure grown on me. I am now back to my old self, full of answers!


I am, what my friends call, a super dork. I enjoy label-makers and spreadsheets. Color-coding makes me giddy. You may hate running errands, but I find satisfaction in crossing items off a list.


My actual resume has words like organized, productive, creative, effective and resourceful. The best part of this experience is that you’ll reap the benefits of these character qualities and re-gain some of the 24 usable hours in each of your days. 

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